Draconus Rex

free mobile dragon game

Draconus Rex is a stunning strategy game that pits your dragon against your opponent's in fiery aerial combat!

Play against remote opponent (internet connection required) or against artificial intelligence

Find friends for battle by their account name, email address or have our server find an opponent for you with a comparable dragon

Seven species of dragons, each with its own combination of breath weapons, signature moves and special abilities

Five unique dragon breath types offer numerous tactical opportunities

Top-down navigation selection of your next move vs opponent's possible moves

Dragons attack using breath weapons from a distance or melee in close combat

You can have multiple games in progress vs any number of opponents

Private in-game chat with opponent for trash-talking and taunting

Dragons level-up at experience thresholds, you decide what skills are increased

Your unique account allows your games to follow you on all supported devices

Create an account anonymously or use existing email or Facebook account

Game turns are rendered in glorious, full 3D from your choice of perspective

Tutorial and extensive game guides explain dragon combat specifics

Surrender button for hopeless situations or matches you accepted against overwhelming opponents

Win in-game GOLD to purchase other dragons to be added to your roost of critters

Double points are awarded (upon completion) for each day's first two-player match

Share replays of your battles on Facebook, Twitter or email

Dragon battle sky city Dragon battle over volcano Movement navigation Game opponent selector Dragon statistics display Head-on attack Dragon treasure cave battle Dragon victory dance